Registration for therapeutics qualification closing soon

Two weeks remain before Specsavers registrations close for the Australian College of Optometry Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics (ACO-COT).

The ACO-COT postgraduate certificate leads to a recognised qualification for therapeutic practice, and 80 T (AU) and 40 CD (NZ) points can be claimed upon completion of the program. Specsavers optometrists are eligible for a group discount.

The ACO-COT curriculum has been developed by an expert team of presenters from universities and clinical practices across Australia and New Zealand, offering a range of topics including general principles of disease and ocular diseases and therapeutic management.

The course is ideal for rural or remote optometrists, and those balancing work and family commitments as it involves self-paced independent learning, with a high level of support provided by the ACO. It features flexible delivery, involving online lectures, interactive webinars, online forums, local exams and clinical placements, as well as networking opportunities.

The ACO-COT is accredited by the Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand (OCANZ), and successful completion of the course will enable scheduled medicines endorsement for registered optometrists in Australia and New Zealand, as recognised by the Optometry Board of Australia and the New Zealand Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Board.

The sole 2019 intake for the ACO-COT course commences on Monday, 15 April, and registrations for Specsavers candidates close on Monday, 1 April 2019.

Further information on the application process for Specsavers optometrists can be found on the Specsavers Connect intranet.

Testimonials from Specsavers optometrists

“I am so glad I decided to enrol in the ACO-COT. I’ve been meaning to do it since graduation and should’ve done it much earlier. It was really interesting and reignited my passion for optometry. I feel I can now provide a much better level of care to my patients. It is also a great opportunity to build strong working relationships with local ophthalmologists, GPs and pharmacists. I highly recommend this course and believe therapeutics will be an essential part of our profession in the future.” – Josephine
“The therapeutics course run by the ACO is something I would genuinely recommend. Initially, I had some hesitations to go back and ‘hit the books’ again, as it has been quite a while since I finished my optometry degree. The underlying background principles covered in the first part of the course sets the foundation for the more clinical information covered in the second part. Looking back, I actually enjoyed both parts! Whilst it was a challenge to fit in the study around a hectic work and family life schedule, I found the pacing of the course quite good and I never felt overwhelmed. It was good to put some of the theoretical information into a clinical setting with the outside placements with ophthalmology, with all of the ophthalmologists I visited being extremely generous with their time and guidance. Even if you are a little hesitant like I was – I would still say it is a worthwhile investment in yourself to do the ACO-COT.” – Ken
“It was quite an insightful and rewarding experience undertaking the ACO-COT course. The online lectures have helped me further develop my skills and knowledge at my own pace and have reignited my passion for learning. This has been convenient as it has allowed me to balance work, study and family life. Furthermore, the flexibility of choosing my own clinical placement with local ophthalmology practices suited my busy daily schedule and made the learning experience easily accessible.” – Raymond