Optometry CPD Course: Recurrent Herpetic Eye Disease

By Associate Professor Colin Chan MBBS(HONS) FRANZCOB

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Recurrent Herpetic eye disease is one of the top causes of infective blindness in the world, and one of the most common causes of repeat visits to ophthalmologists.  The focus of this article is the advanced management of recurrent herpetic disease rather than the basics. You all know the results of the HEDS 1 and HEDS 2 studies and how to manage more straightforward epithelial and stromal disease. [1, 2] Recurrent disease is the main battleground- patients with recurrent herpes easily represents 5- 10% of my current practice. So much of a battleground that I often visualise myself in a duel with the virus, a cunning relentless enemy with multiple modes of attack while all I have as weapons is my wits and steely determination to defend my patients from the viral scourge.

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