Optometry CPD Course: Clariti 1 day – a continuous improvement story

By Marcella McParland, Director of Professional Affairs EMEA and Anna Sulley, Director of Global Medical Affairs at CooperVision (adapted by Julia Kwok, Professional Services Associate at CooperVision ANZ).

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This article examines the material, lens design and clinical performance of clariti® 1 day sphere, toric and multifocal lenses.

It is clear from evidence stretching back more than twenty years that the ability of silicone hydrogel (SiHy) materials to deliver oxygen to the cornea has largely eliminated hypoxic contact lens (CL) complications.1-4 Replacing lenses every day reduces or removes many of the risk factors associated with reuse of CLs, resulting in the lowest incidence of corneal infiltrative events compared to other soft lens replacement schedules.5-7 The combination of these material and modality attributes have been available, in the form of daily disposable (DD) SiHys, for more than ten years. Their use continues to grow, with the most recent International Contact Lens Prescribing report finding SiHy materials represent an overall average of 63% of soft lens DD fits from the countries involved in the survey.8

The clariti® 1 day spherical lens was launched by Sauflon in 2009, and was designed to be an affordable DD SiHy, with a higher water content and a lower modulus, to help enhance comfort and fitting, compared to first generation SiHy CLs. This article reviews the evolution of the clariti® 1 day family and reports on more recent clinical performance versus contemporary lenses. Advice and tips applicable for practice are also shared.

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