Identifying patients with diabetes

Specsavers is the largest eyecare provider in Australia and New Zealand when it comes to patients with diabetes, seeing over a quarter of a million patients with diabetes each year.

One of the key things that Specsavers is doing to help this cohort of patients, is in our role as one of the founding partners of KeepSight – a national diabetes eye screening program, designed to prevent diabetes-related blindness by detecting problems early when they are treatable.

In this video, our Director of Optometry, Dr Ben Ashby and our Director of Communication, Charles Hornor discuss the work Specsavers is doing to support patients with diabetes, as well as the long-term importance of the KeepSight program.

Our Eye Health Report 2019-20 outlines the work we are doing with KeepSight to support patients with diabetes. Download the full report here. 

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