Frequently Asked Questions

In the past, ProFile has been sent as a print magazine to qualified Specsavers optometrists, qualified dispensers and managers, as well as optometry students. Now that we’re online, ProFile is available to even more people within Specsavers and the wider optical profession.

In addition to offering the same great content as before, ProFile online allows you to:

  • Access ProFilefrom anywhere, on any device
  • Gain news updates as they happen, instead of once monthly
  • Search historically for topics that interest you.

Please note that this website is the Australian and New Zealand edition of ProFile. To access the UK ProFile, visit specsavers-profile.com


How does it differ from Spectrum?

While ProFile’s readership predominantly comprises Specsavers optometrists, dispensers and optical staff, its sister site, Spectrum, is designed to help external eye care professionals engage with Specsavers by providing news about Specsavers career opportunities, professional development events and material, and company updates. External optometrists and optometry students are encouraged to subscribe to Spectrum at spectrum-anz.com


How often will content be added?

New content will be published as it becomes available – so there should always be something new to read whenever you visit the site. See below for the different ways you can stay updated.


Can I access professional development and CPD material through ProFile?

At Specsavers, we recognise the importance of ongoing professional development for all our employees, so we offer a range of opportunities to grow our team’s skills and experience.

All registered optometrists must maintain a CPD portfolio, which outlines their individual learning needs and how these have been met. That is why we’ve launched MyCPD, a virtual hub for Specsavers optometrists that hosts live tracking on CPD points or credits and a wide range of professional development resources and training.

MyCPD is integrated with ProFile, allowing optometrists 24/7 access to track and record their CPD requirements.

In addition to MyCPD, we also provide Specsavers’ optometrists with professional development tools and content, including retail, team and leadership training, as well as other performance and development training through our online learning management system iLearn.


Why can’t I access the MyCPD Portal?

Some of the features in MyCPD are only available to Specsavers employees. If you are a Specsavers optometrist and require assistance in accessing the MyCPD portal, contact anz.cpd@specsavers.com


How can I access iLearn or reset my account details?

iLearn is only available to current Specsavers employees. Click here and select ‘Forgotten Password?’ to reset your password. For further iLearn support, contact anz.ilearn@specsavers.com


Can I attend all of the Specsavers professional development events?

The annual Specsavers Clinical Conference, one of the largest professional development events in the Aus/NZ optometry calendar, is open to non-Specsavers optometrists and optometry students in addition to all Specsavers optometrists. Similarly, the Specsavers Dispensing Conference is open to both Specsavers and non-Specsavers dispensers, and optical dispensing students. From time to time, we may list events in our Professional Development Events section that will be for Specsavers employees and Graduate Program participants only. Please check the ‘Who’ section in the event details to see if you are eligible to attend.


How can I sign up for news updates?

You can subscribe to the ProFile newsletter to have the latest articles delivered straight to your inbox. Please add anz.profile@specsavers.com to your whitelist to ensure the newsletters don’t end up in your spam or junk mail folder.

We currently have two newsletter frequency options:

  • Weekly – An automatic weekly digest of all the latest updates
  • Monthly (curated) – A selection of some of the key stories from the last month.

Once you’ve subscribed, you can change your newsletter preferences at any time using the ‘Update your details’ link at the bottom of each email.

You can also subscribe to the ProFile RSS feed using your preferred RSS reader to be alerted as soon as new content is published.


Can I provide feedback on an article or suggest future content?

Absolutely – we’d love to hear from you. Email anz.profile@specsavers.com. If it’s a clinical matter, we’ll forward your email to a member of our professional team.


How can I best promote ProFile in my store and to my peers?

  • Share the website address: profile-anz.com
  • Share these FAQs for background info and technical support
  • Encourage staff and friends in the optical profession to subscribe to the ProFile newsletter.


I’ve read all the FAQs and still have a query. Who can I contact?

Email the ProFile editorial team via anz.profile@specsavers.com. We will reply as soon as we can.