Eye health and the economy

While we know the provision of eye care is essential for the health of all Australians, the reality is that it also comes as a major cost to the economy.

We know that in economic terms, poor eye health, which can lead to avoidable blindness and reduced vision, costs our economy almost $5bn dollars every year.

In this video, Specsavers Director of Communications Charles Hornor, discusses how the work Specsavers is doing both in the test room, and through collaborative projects such as the KeepSight – which is a partnership between eye care providers, the Federal Government and Diabetes Australia – is helping to demonstrate the value of early detection, earlier diagnosis and earlier treatment of eye diseases, and how this work is having a positive impact on the Australian economy.

Our Eye Health Report 2019-20 outlines the work we are doing with KeepSight and to measure the value of eye care. Download the full report here.