Cultural and Ethics Training for NZ optometrists now available

The ODOB’s cultural and ethical training is now available through the Specsavers MyCPD portal.

The programs, presented in an online format, provide insight and understanding into the impact of culture on knowledge of the health system.

The programs will provide participants with the tools to be more aware of one’s own cultural values, understand and learn how to apply the four elements of cultural competency – cultural awareness, sensitivity, knowledge, and skills, understand cultural sensitivity in practice and gain knowledge and skills to develop cultural competency in practice.

On completing these courses, you will have developed new skills in cultural competency; and become aware of how assumptions, interpretations and judgements can impact how optometrists communicate with and understand culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) patients during interactions and consultations.

For more information or to complete the training visit the MyCPD portal.