CPD: Transforming eye health: SCC7 clinical pearls – Part 2 (AU 2C, NZ 0.5CD 0.5GP)

From Saturday 8 to Sunday 9 September 2018, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre hosted more than 750 optometrists and optometry students for the seventh Specsavers Clinical Conference (SCC7).

With the theme ‘Transforming Eye Health’, the conference program comprised 15 clinical talks delivered over two days by leaders and experts in eye care.

This course looks at some of the clinical pearls from the event, including the role that the eye can play in diagnosing systemic disease, anterior conditions such as corneal lesions and red eye, and posterior conditions such as ocular tumours and retinal lesions. It also discusses when to refer paediatric patients, low-vision services, and optic nerve disease.

See also: Transforming eye health: SCC7 clinical pearls – Part 1 (AU 2C, NZ 0.5CD 0.5GP)

Points available

Australia: 2 C points, self-accredited
New Zealand: 0.5 CD and 0.5 GP points, accredited to 31 October 2020

Learning objectives

  1. Understand optometric assessment and management for red eyes and corneal lesions.
  2. Understand optometric assessment and management for ocular pathology, including tumours, optic nerve disease and diseases stemming from systemic causes.
  3. Understand the optometric approach and management for sight- and life-threatening conditions in children.

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