CPD: The Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy Evaluation (GONE) project (AU 6T, NZ 1GP 2CD)


The Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy Evaluation (GONE) project is a free online training tool designed to to help practitioners understand deficiencies in their optic nerve examination skills and improve these skills through practice.

On the GONE website, users undertake a baseline self-evaluation optic disc test consisting of 15 optic disc images, during which they are asked nine questions about the individual features of the disc. In the final question, users are asked about the likelihood of glaucoma.

By interpreting the user’s responses, any deficiencies in the examination of certain aspects of optic nerve are highlighted and reported back to the user. This information is also fed back into the tool to ensure that subsequent training specifically targets the user’s deficiencies. By repeating the test, users can continually improve and strengthen their examination skills.

The online program was developed at the Centre for Eye Research Australia and Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, with input provided by Specsavers Australia & New Zealand’s Retail Training and Development Team.

Points available

Season 1 – 2 T points, self-accredited
Season 2 – 2 T points, self-accredited
Season 3 – 2 T points, self-accredited

New Zealand:
Season 1 – 1 GP point, accredited to 31 October 2020
Season 2 – 1 CD point, accredited to 1 July 2019 (reaccreditation pending)
Season 3 – 1 CD point, accredited to 1 May 2019 (reaccreditation pending)

NOTE: Points can only be claimed once over a registration period.

How to access

Visit scc-gone.com, register as a user and complete the program.