CPD: Colour vision – part 2 (AU 2C, NZ 0.5GP)


Optometrists can sometimes be so intent on measuring one particular aspect of the visual system (i.e. visual acuity) that they neglect to measure other important attributes such as field of vision, stereopsis and colour vision.

Colour perception is key to all aspects of daily living. This CPD course explores what colour actually is and the way we perceive it. It discusses the correct illumination for colour vision tests, which tests to perform and how to perform them, and their impact for occupational needs.

The course also includes details on how to deal with reduced colour vision, how it can be detected and how common the defect is.

Points available

Australia: 2 C points, self-accredited
New Zealand: 0.5 GP points, accredited to 31 October 2020

Learning objectives

  1. To gain an understanding of the factors that can affect colour vision testing.
  2. To review the different types of colour vision tests and how to perform them correctly.
  3. To understand how colour vision tests can be used to support occupational requirements.

How to access

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Method #1
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Method #2
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Read ‘Colour Vision Part 2’ (PDF)
Complete the quiz

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