CPD: An introduction to modern vitreoretinal surgery (AU 2C, NZ 1CD)


Over the past 10 years, there has been a revolutionary shift towards small gauge vitrectomy or minimally invasive vitreous surgery, which has a number of advantages over older larger gauge techniques.

It is important that patient expectations are properly managed and they are not given false hopes of complete success post-operatively, which may not be achievable.

This CPD course explains surgical treatment of vitreoretinal disease, including risks, complications, and post-treatment lifestyle restrictions.

Points available

Australia: 2 C points, self-accredited
New Zealand: 1 CD point, accredited to 31 October 2020

Learning objectives

  1. Optometrists will have an appreciation of the surgical treatment of vitreoretinal disease and its outcomes.
  2. Optometrists will have an appreciation of the development of vitrecomy.
  3. Optometrists will have a greater understanding of the general considerations and expectations outlined by the surgeon before undertaking the procedure.

How to access

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Method #2
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Read ‘An introduction to modern vitreoretinal surgery’ (PDF)
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