CPD: ACO-GAP Glaucoma Self-Assessment Program (AU 2T, NZ 1CD)


The ACO-GAP program offered by the Australian College of Optometry (ACO) provides optometrists with the ability to self assess their glaucoma diagnostic skills online within a simulated and timed patient consultation using real-life patient case studies.

The program aims to assist optometrists in assessing their diagnostic knowledge and selecting further education to improve any learning gaps. Nine clinical skills are assessed by using real and practical case studies reflecting critical thinking and decision-making processes which occur in clinical practice. A time cap on each test presents an additional level of real-time challenge.

The program provides colour coded results, benchmarking against peers, specific tailored feedback and further ACO education options.

Points available

Australia: 2 T points, accredited
New Zealand: 1 CD point, accredited

How to access

Call +61 3 9349 7477 for a limited introductory offer or visit aco.org.au to complete the application form.