About ProFile

ProFile is Specsavers’ in-house journal for optical professionals and students.
Having started life as an eight-page newsletter in 2007, ProFile has grown through various print and electronic iterations to a digital journal for all optometrists, dispensing directors and qualified optical dispensers.

In addition to providing company and industry news, through our ProFile site optometrists can access our MyCPD portal, which comprises accredited and self-accredited CPD material and case studies designed to enhance our optometrists’ clinical and business knowledge.

About Specsavers

Founded in the UK by optometrists Doug and Dame Mary Perkins in 1984, Specsavers now has more than 1,700 stores across 10 countries. With over 380 stores across Australia and New Zealand making high-quality eye care and hearing care accessible to all, Specsavers is the market leader in Aus/NZ retail optics and is fast establishing itself within the audiology market.